Welcome to the land of Thay for that is your home kingdom. Of the few good people in this land, you have all learned to step carefully. Magic is abound between the lands for this my friends, is the home of the infamous Red Wizards of Thay. Thay is ruled by powerful wizards called Zulkirs, there being a zulkir for each different type of magic. Red wizards are untouchable in this land. Even though each zulkir fights maliciously against one another and can rarely agree on one thing, an affront made to a Red Wizard is an affront to all of them and therefore none of you should cause any affront to any wizard you see. Thankfully though, Red Wizards are zealously focused and if you are not in their way or have anything to do with their goal, you will probably be ignored like the remainder of the population.

Secondly, Thay is split up into territories called Tharch’s (tharks for pronunciation) and each has it’s own milita and governor. Differing tharchs usually have quarrels with others but rarely does it become more then a stealthy attempt of assassination or bribery of the other’s officials. Open war is completely discouraged by the Zulkirs who would bring down swift retribution if any were to attempt such a thing. The tharch you currently reside in is known as Thazalhar and is ruled by a one Milsantos Daramos, arguably the only non evil Tharchion in the land. His land is full of trade as it poised on the outside of the kingdom and all trade comes through his lands.

A few more things of import are that slaves and the business of slaves is abound and completely legal in this realm and many crimes lead to slavery and few can think of worse things as punishment for Red Wizards are always in need of more slaves to…experiment on…

Your land is ruled by one of the most powerful archmages in the entire world and his name is Szazz Tam, a powerful and ancient lich as well as the zulkir of necromancy. As he is in control, this land also teems with undead and as such, are used for all sorts of tasks, mundane and magical.

Be prepared for a land of death and misery for you are in a land where people with morals are not wanted, a cruel and powerful caste of wizards bend the law to their whim and the only people you can trust are several hundred miles away.

Adventure in Thay